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 Happiness in your intestine
Natgene© FLORA  is an innovative analysis based on next-generation DNA sequencing technology (NGS) and able to check the status of general inflammation. In the custom report, in addition to the results, there are nutritional and integration of useful tips to re-establish the correct intestinal balance.
  • check your level of intestinal dysbiosis;
  • evaluate your gut microbiome before and after treatment;
  • compare your gut microbiome with the one of a healthy subject;
  • know your bacterial richness index, the lack of bacterial diversity is correlated with increased risk of chronic inflammation and obesity;
  • identify the bacterial species, pathogenic and beneficial, present in your intestines;
  • calculate your Enterotipo and identify your lifestyle
  • identify and quantify the related intestinal bacteria to inflammation, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases, gastric problems, gluten sensitivity and celiac disease;
  • get simple and targeted nutritional advice and integration processed by a Biologist Nutritionist to improve the welfare of your intestine.

Enterotype section divide People into 3 Groups. 

  1. Enterotype 1,  has high numbers of a bacterium called Bacterioides and this type has a greater capacity to make the vitamin B7 or biotin. 

  2. Enterotype 2 has dominant numbers of a different bacterium, Prevotella, and provides more vitamin B1 or Thiamine.  

  3. Enterotype 3 is dominated by the bacterium, Ruminococcus, related to weight control, sugar methabolism.

  • It is easy, take and send the sample of your stool with our kit
  • It is personalized, request the analysis of the bacterial strains of interest
  • It is intuitive, discover and interpret your results with our report.
natgene.com gut flora

Comparison between healthy gut flora and unhealthy person with pathogenic bacteria


First seven Bacteria discovered during a Natgene Flora test.

Some of them are pathogenic


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