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Dr Max Calderan

Dr. Max Calderan 

Graduated with Honours in Italy in Science Applied to Sport, Specialised in Posturology and Biomechanical Movement, Genomic Counsellor for Advanced Genetic Services, was awarded with a Medal of Civil Valour by the President of the Italian Republic. Winner of the Pentathlon 

Military National Championships, he is holder of 13 First Ever on Foot Crossing through unexplored deserts.

Dr. Max Calderan dedicated his life to his greatest passion, the extreme sport activities ( free solo climbing, extreme skiing, extreme ice climbing and finally the extreme desert explorations) and to the study of the mechanisms that regulate the reactions of the human body to external stimuli.

He developed over the years in collaboration with a leading genetics lab in Europe, an advanced and exclusive method linking Gut Bacteria with Genomic Asset, Posture, Nutrition and Mental Attitude. 
The Max Calderan Method  allows you to revolutionize the concept of prevention / obtaining results, something extremely scientific but in the same time personalised, inspiring and above all useful. 

Dr Max Calderan deepened his research in two areas that have always fascinated him: sleep deprivation and defense mechanisms that regulate the emotion of fear.

Anthropolgy, Traumatology, Psychology, Biology & Genetics, Remedial Kinesiology, Human Physiology and Medicine  applied to Sports, Pedagogy, Remedial Gymnastic also for disabled people with psycophysical and sensory impairment are the main areas that Dr Max Calderan developed in his innovative method.

tooth malocclusion can cause headaches, backpain, knee pain, flat feet, cartilage damage.
Diet & Posture can solve the problem
about 80% of your body is composed of bacterial cells?
Researchers believe that the intestine is our second brain
With analysis of the Gut Flora 
we can take action on something 
that is currently existing
( pathogenic and beneficial bacteria )
With analysis of the DNA
we can  take action on something
that  potentially could be
''The key is the combination of analysis of Gut Flora + dna target analysis + nutrition + posturology + positive mind attitude. We are not average. ''