NATGENE® DNA TEST who is addressed to?  

For those of you who are you going to seriously face a preventive way. For those of you who have decided to reprogram and customize the approach to the management of your health and wellness. For those of you who want to lengthen your life, knowing the potentialities and limits of your body. For those of you who want to invest in the health of your children and your grandchildren.

What’s the use?  The most recent discoveries about the human genome provide us with bases and tools to understand the sophisticated molecular mechanisms by which individual genes, or their combinations, reply to changes in diet and lifestyle. Ultimately the potentiality of this new approach will introduce a new era, the one of “personalized medicine and lifestyle.”


It's divided in three sectors: DIET& FOOD - HEALTH & WELLNESS - FITNESS & SPORT . Each of them contains specific test according with your needs. Discover the full range.

You are not an average. 

You can create your own method to achieve any kind of goals, both in sport and in ordinary life

Natgene© DNA tests are not comparable to any of genomic services on the national and international market for the following uniqueness:

  • High number of analyzed genes

  • Genetic markers selected by an international team of specialists

  • Personalized medical report compiled by a Medical Geneticist

  • Multivariate statistical algorithms to increase the predictive power

  • Accuracy and reproducibility guaranteed by Natgene©  protocols

  • Procedures according to current regulations regarding the genetic testing

To everyone, especially to those who care about their health and, in particular:


  • To healthy people, who want to learn to know their body with the aim of keeping undamaged their state of health and prevent problems

  • To sick people, to understand some of the possible genomic causes responsible for their disease state

  • To agonistic and amateur athletes determined to reach their “optimum” organic, to increase performance and reduce the incidence of injuries (and recovery)

You, your Coach or Medical doctors have a diagnostic tool able to communicate vital information both for healthy people, who decided to maintain their high quality standards of life both for the sick, who decided to find out some causes of diseases and dysfunctions.

A tool that integrates clinical assays, increasing the accuracy of medical diagnosis and understanding unique features of patients

Specialist medical report concerning innovative diagnostic analysis contains five main categories of information:

1. evaluated further (clinical examinations of health status evaluation)

2. indications of foods recommended / to be avoided

3. indications of activities, behaviors and lifestyles

4. directions food integration (active ingredients)

5. Recommended treatments and therapies according to the attending physician Doctor or Coach.

Example test layout Natgene© DNA 

This sample we'll show you how to be able to read and interpret as well as possible the genomic data obtained with Natgene© DNA  test. In each section (eg. oxidative stress) you can quickly identify gene mutations that we have analysed and you will then be able to get an answer to your questions (outcome). Sections start with:

Summary table of the genomic  variants:   

Role and/or function It is the effect that the mutation might have on the patient. (eg. protective function against free radicals) 
Genotype effect The variant of genotype always has three possible optionsand to these three possibilities an effect on patient health corresponds:

  1. Red circle: the presence of a risk factor

  2. Green circle: the presence of a protective factor

  3. No circle: common variant (or lack of results),

  4. “P”: variant that predisposes for physical power activities (Power) for SportFit test.

  5. “E”: variant that predisposes for physical endurance activity (Endurance) for SportFit test. gut flora gut flora
Outcome example
The dependent variant of NRF2 gene predisposes the patient to a reduction of defence systems against free radicals and all those substances that can damage the nervous system.
Furthermore, the patient has a genetic variant (APOE) that may predispose to the development of neurodegenerative diseases.   
Recommended diagnostic examinations
  • Cortisol (24 h urine)
  • Hydroxycorticosteroids-ketosteroidi (24 h urine)
  • DHEA, melatonin and cortisol (saliva) 

Below the so called GS,Genotype score, which will allow to identify the level of prevention to which the patient should undergo. In this case there are four possible levels of prevention:

  1. Blue band: below average, no special preventive measures

  1. Green band: above average, decreases considerably prevention

  1. Yellow band: between one and two standard deviations, implement a preventive path

  1. Red band: more than two standard deviations, decided to implement a prevention course In all prevention levels above you should consult your doctor to identify the best possible strategy gut flora
Recommended diet.
Based on the analysed genomic data, it is recommended to the patient to implement a series of actions to reduce the phenomena of oxidative stress: 
Vitamin C 
Vitamin E .
Coenzyme Q10  
Vitamin A 
Recommended nutritional supplementation
Based on the analysed genomic data, the patient does not need a particular nutritional integration path.  
Recommended behaviours or lifestyles
Based on the analysed genomic data, it is recommended to the patient to put into practice all the possible strategies for stress reduction. If it is deemed necessary, given all the other parameters not considered in this test, it is advisable to agree with doctor the most appropriate strategy to the treatment of symptoms. In order to promote the free radical protection, it is recommended to the patient to avoid smoking, limit the use of drugs (especially antibiotics) if possible and avoid exposure so unprotected to sunlight.  

Recommended treatments
Based on the analysed genomic data, the patient does not require any specific treatment.

ISO 9001:2008  

Quality management systems

ISO 17025:2005

General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

Tecnology and automation

MIUR award for human, animal and plant genotyping

Laboratory Information Management System

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CE-IVD Protocols

In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices

Validation and Method

Quality Control (QC) for reproducibility assessment

European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG)

In accordance with the guidelines for genetic testing

Technological District of Life Sciences

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Privacy policies according with European law (UE) 2016/679 - Data Protection 
NATGENE®. is committed to protecting patient privacy. All of genetic testing and any personal information or results are kept under strict confidentiality.
All this being said that ... NATGENE® provides an analysis and scientific interpretation of selected genomic markers, called polymorphisms, that are associated with specific risks and health benefits. Being carriers of a genetic risk variant for a given disease, it does not mean necessarily that this disease will develop, as well as have some genetic risk variant does not eliminate the chance of developing the disease. Prevention strategies can be developed and completed. They can effectively reduce the chance of developing a disease or they can help manage the consequences of the same effectively. Therefore NATGENE® urges you to consult qualified doctors for diagnosis and for answers to personal questions about the test results. NATGENE® declines any responsibility for any deviations from the original text, and refers, in the case of any doubt, the related scientific literature. NATGENE®. is committed to protecting patient privacy. All of genetic testing and any personal information or results are kept under strict confidentiality. The data relating to the patient's DNA will not be used for other diagnostic tests outside of those ordered by the patient and will not be used for scientific purposes, unless otherwise indicated by the patient. The genomic information of a patient will be directly associated with the personal information gathered in the patient's anamnesis form. In no circumstances this information will be released to third parties, in order to reveal information, unless there is consent from the patient. The genomic information of a patient will not be disclosed outside of NATGENE® either within the company, except for those who draw up the medical report, the confidential report on the analysis and the final report, unless the patient has given his consent, unless required by law. The information contained in the confidential report is meant as an additional tool for the physician and should not be considered a genetic diagnosis of one or more diseases, or identify an existing medical condition, or confirm / replace a diagnosis or medical condition from a health care professional. Under no circumstances NATGENE®assumes responsibility for the accuracy of the findings, diagnosis, and treatment of the recommendations described in the medical report. NATGENE® does not provide medical advice in the confidential report on the analysis, but makes available to physicians and biologists with industry scientific expertise to better understand the risks and benefits associated with the genotype identified. NATGENE® assumes no responsibility regarding the findings, diagnosis or treatment proposed by the physician or biologist who draws up the reporting. This statement is subject to Italian law.